How to choose the loan and what you risk if you do not pay an installment


The request for a personal loan is linked to a need for liquidity not necessarily combined with a specific project: the money is in fact paid by the bank or financial institution directly to the customer, and the beneficiary, once the desired amount is obtained, can have total autonomy for their needs. On the other hand, the Finalized loan is linked to the purchase of a specific good or service for which the requested amount is paid directly by the bank or financial institution to the seller of the asset.

How a personal loan is required

How a personal loan is required

Whether a loan is required for a loan or a loan without a destination, the provider will assess the applicant 3 basic requirements regarding age, solvency and creditworthiness.

Applicant age : must be between 17 and 75 years

Capacity of Solvency : The relationship between debt and installment must be sustainable; in fact, the last pay slip is sent to employees, the last income tax return for self-employed workers and the last tax return to pensioners. These requests for documentation may vary depending on which bank or financial company is evaluating the loan and depending on the amount you need (in some cases, more pay slips are requested, or even the last CUD, or even a copy of the last bills paid …).

Creditworthiness : the applicant must not be registered in the register of bad payers (this requirement could in fact also not be required since lately the banks offer loans intended for bad paying or protested).

Obviously Italian citizens must present a valid identity document (ID card or driving license) and the Tax Code, EU citizens the identity card and proof of regularity of stay, while for non-EU citizens will be necessary to present the regular residence permit.

The loan must be repaid in the terms described, under penalty of being reported on the list of bad payers or, even worse, to see the contract terminated unilaterally by the bank, thus leaving the customer the burden of all expenses necessary to recover the loan amount.

If you are determined to apply for a personal loan and you have the listed requirements you certainly have a wide choice: all banks (including online banks) and financial companies in Italy offer unfinalized loans and from the comparison you can find more offers advantageous.

Many sites offer the opportunity to compare online the various offers in order to evaluate the most appropriate estimate.

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